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Blind Virtual Gin Tasting

Join us in January for a palate cleansing blind tasting!  Dust off 2021’s biases and embrace some tasty new flavours and perhaps some old familiars...

Blind Virtual Whisky Tasting

Fancy trying something a bit different for 2022?  Expand your spirit-y horizons and explore your dram fuelled biases?  Join us in January for a...

New-Comers Virtual Gin Tasting

With so many new gins being released it can feel a little overwhelming with where to start!  Let us do the leg work for you and introduce you to 6...

Oldies VS Newbies Virtual Whisky Tasting

Are you a whisky traditionalist or a dram led innovator?  During this tasting we’ll be comparing some more classic styles of whisky from well...